Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Since daybreak, Mr. Sony Mavica and his faithful companion TriPod have been peaking out thru the blinds claiming that they hear water flowing near our Nite Camp. Sure enough, when we all went out to take a peak, there was a ravine with a lovely stream which we found was named Sullivan Creek. We are drawn like a magnet toward waters.

George installed Mr. Onan's replacement clock-timer this morning, but George still has to repair the broken wire in the cable. Maybe that can be done later, after breakfast.

Today we return to Jamestown to tour Railtown 1897 State Park!! Wow!

Railtown 1897 is at the actual site in Jamestown where the terminal of the Sierra Railroad was located. Here is the dedication sign.

One of the outstanding remaining features, is the roundhouse with its giant turntable.

While George toured Railtown 1897, men worked at #28 to get her ready for the Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 Opening Day Celebration. George is debating whether to hang around for Saturday to see all that can be seen.

At the Blacksmith Shop, was this sign.

And inside the blacksmith shop, George looked at the "ring of fire" and the steel tire hanging in the back of the shop.

We made Supper Camp near Hwy 49 across from the Jamestown Chevrolet dealership and will probably move for Nite Camp. This place is too exposed for Nite Camp.

We moved south a few miles for our Nite Camp. MsTioga is in a commercial area. Tomorrow morning, George wants to work on Mr. Onan's broken wire, and this will be a swell place to do that repair.


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