Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Team only stays in the Campground at nite, to sleep. From our Campground Site, it is not possible to either charge Mr. Sunny (solar battery bank) or use Mr. DataStorm (satellite internet). We move a 1/2 mile to a lovely day use lot, and park there all day and evening long.

After breakfast in the parking lot, George, Mr. Trek and Mr. Mavica will bike out to Mirror Lake to see what we can see. In the pic below, George looks up at Yosemite's Southern Canyon Wall. Even parking lot views, are spectacular in Yosemite. Wow!!

We are back from our bike ride to Mirror Lake. Wow! What an incredible place! We met and had wonderful conversations with people from China, Libya, Belgium, and even two couples from Missouri!!

Below are the pics that we took at Mirror Lake. Words fail.

Below is a pic of the huge rush of water from the early snow melt. This is Tanaya Creek, descending from Mirror Lake. Hey David, do we go river right or left?

A storm has come to Yosemite Valley bringing rain and clouds. The pic below is the of the same Southern Canyon Wall as in our first pic today, but oh my, the change in the weather! Wow!


No anchor map link published for this day.

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