Friday, March 26, 2004

We pulled out of Upper Pines Campground to see what was going on with last nite's storm. It had rained almost all night long, and now the rain had stopped. Look what we saw as we cleared the trees! Winter struck last nite! Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George are leaving the rest of The Team behind, and hike up to see Vernal Falls! Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George have just returned from hiking up to Vernal Falls. When George last hiked this trail, it was 2001 and George did not know that he was stricken with cancer. It took George over 2 hours to go to the Vernal Falls bridge in 2001. Today, George is happy to say that he did not stop one time on the hike up, and got there in about 1/2 hour. Wow!

The first thing we came to on this hike was this sign below.

The Mighty Merced River always thundered along because the trail follows the River. We came upon the sight of the Beautiful Illouette Fall across the canyon.

Then we came to the place where the bridge crosses the Merced River, with the magnicent Vernal Falls.

Later this afternoon at the Yosemite Lodge, a ranger will talk about bears. We want to know about bears so we will be there.


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