Wednesday, March 31, 2004

We repaired Mr. Onan's broken wire early this morning. This wire may have been causing Mr. Onan to cut his engine, since it was sometimes connected and sometimes not. For sure, this wire made Mr. Onan's clock/timer stop. We tried to get a wiring schematic for this circuit, but none could be found.

In the pic below, George works on Mr. Onan's wires.

More gold was taken from the area below this bridge, than from anyplace in the World. This was the location of The Mother Lode that you may have read about.

James Woods discovered this fabulous gold find in 1848. George is looking downstream from the bridge in the first pic below. In the 2nd pic, George is looking at the plaque on the bridge, which was part of the State Highway over Woods Creek. People called this place "Woods Crossing."

Below is a pic of the plaque describing Woods Crossing. It may be hard to read. The words on this plaque read:

Woods Crossing
Tuolumne County history begins here. Early in 1848
a party of Philiadelphia prospectors under the leadership
of James Woods discovered gold five hundred
feet south east of this marker, where the old road
crosses the creek now bearing Woods' name. James
Savage, J.H. Rider, and Charles Bassett, the latter
prominant in the early history of Columbia, were members
of the party. This marker is located directly on the
famous Mother Lode, the greatest gold bearing vein in
the world.

Woods Crossing Marker

The Team can only imagine what happened here some 156 years ago. The thrill of finding all of that gold, and the heartbreak and misery that must have followed. Wow!

Below is a link which describes the history of those wondrous Gold Strikes:

Jamestown Historic Gold Rush History

We drove up Hwy 49 to the restored town of Columbia and made Nite Camp at the airport a bit south of town. Below is a pic of Ms. Tioga and George looking at the airport. So far, we have not seen even one P51 Mustang, George's favorite fighter plane.

Note to Readers:

The traveling portion of The Adventures of Tioga and George will have to come to an end for awhile. My expenses have exceeded my income, and I must find a job in order to get some cash resources together.

If readers appear interested in hearing about what goes on, I will continue to post daily after I find employment. Or perhaps, I will post weekly updates. While I am looking for work, I'll continue to explore and post with pics and commentary.

I'm hoping that it will be possible to be back on the road fulltime again by June. That would be oh so very good!!

Bye for now,

PS: In the past few hours since I put up this "Note to Readers", I have received loads of emails urging me to keep on posting daily. In thinking it over, I have come to think that this "job thing" is really part of The Adventures of Tioga and George. So I will tell the story of what happens when we search for work, what we get offered, and how it goes, "on-the-job", OK?


Location: Columbia Airport Nite Camp