Sunday, April 25, 2004

In the pic below, George looks at ducks across the pond with binoculars. We have to be SOOOOO careful not to alert these birdies! A moment after Mr. Mavica took this pic, the two ducks took off in fright!

Yesterday evening, Mr. Mavica and George tried to sneak up on two beautiful geese at the water's edge, in order to get a better pic of these two large birdies. When George setup Mr. Tripod, the birdies heard it, and took off flying across the pond! Wow!

George had his favorite Sunday breakfast; pancakes, pan poachy eggs, sausage, ham and a bowl of fruit salad! Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George just left to take a walk to the other side of the pond, to see what could be seen.

When Mr. Mavica and George returned, they told of finding that the pond was probably much larger during the Winter. This pond likely was made much larger years ago, when this place may have been a ranch on private land.

The pic below shows George looking across the pond at Ms. Tioga, who waits patiently.

12 Noon
We are breaking McClelland Pond Camp, and heading North toward the Alturas area. We probably will make Nite Camp somewhere South of Alturas.

A friend of Ms. Tioga is Ms. Intrigue. Ms. Tioga would like Ms. Intrigue to know that The Team travelled an entire 24 miles this afternoon in order to make Camp. Wow! Our Camp is 1/4 mile West and above Hwy 139 North of Adin.

BTW, if you ever find yourself in the Town of Adin, George says, "You gotta stop at Nelson's Frosty!" Nelson's was packed with customers when The Team stopped across the street, and the fragrance of broiled burgers was fantastic! George only bought a medium frosty cone for $1.13, but was sorely tempted to get one of those 1/3 pound charbroiled burgers!

George went exploring, and Mr. Mavica caught George looking back at Ms. Tioga in this pic below. Our Camp is near the top of a rise on the mountain.

Near our Camp, George found this excavation. There was an old broken cable on the ground. Do any of you know what this excavation could be? Perhaps a mine? Is gold found in red soil such as this in the pic below?


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