Wednesday, April 07, 2004

We are in the City of Jackson's RV Lot! Yes, the City of Jackson has a special place for RVs to stay overnite for 48 hours! And it is FREE! What a town! This RV lot is far enough off of Hwy 49, the main road thru Jackson, to be very quiet at nite. There are signs that say that a permit is required, but George phoned this morning and was told that those signs need changing and a permit is NOT required. Wow!

This morning The Team had a meeting and decided that George should clean Ms. Tioga's exterior. So that is what George is doing in the pic below! George has this special method of washing Ms. Tioga that uses hardly any water!

Guess who found us in the City of Jackson RV parking lot? None other than the mysterious, Mr. Cop! Wow! We had a very nice visit with Mr. Cop who wanted to pass along some advice, since he is an experienced police officer.

Mr. Cop's advice is, be sure to keep your bikes locked to your RVs! Wasn't that a nice thing for Mr. Cop to do? Mr. Cop wanted to also say hello to his friend, Mr. USA! "Hello Mr. USA!"

Below is a pic of George showing Mr. Trek's huge chain and lock.


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  1. That's awesome :), if I ever find myself out Jackson way, I will have to look into that :).

    Plus, the lot is right next to a diner :).