Wednesday, April 28, 2004

We had a meeting with the real estate broker, and George is listing Uncle Joe's land for sale.

Now we are off to travel East about 27 miles, to Uncle Joe's land, to see what this fabled place really looks like. I've been told that there are miniature donkeys running loose in the area. Wow! Everybody on The Team would like to pet a tiny donkey!

Entering Nevada, the road is dirt!

12 Noon
We are here on Uncle Joe's Land! Wow! It is a very good thing that Mr. DeLorme is here, to show that The Team has arrived on Uncle Joe's Land. Where are the baby donkeys?

Here is a pic looking West.

And here is a pic looking East! Wow! It seems as though it doesn't matter which way you look, Uncle Joe's land has a certain sameness about it!

There is a fence on Uncle Joe's Land. Probably to keep Uncle Joe's cattle from running free!

We could land a 747 on the road thru Uncle Joe's Land!

It is very windy, here on Uncle Joe's Land. Mr. Levelers put Ms. Tioga way up high, in order to get the wind from moving Ms. Tioga around a lot. It is also sort of cold. Very high too! The altitude on Uncle Joe's Land is 5,550 feet!

Back in California, heading to sign up with the broker in Cedarville.

Remember we stayed in Cedar Pass Campground last Tuesday, on our way to the town of Cedarville? We are Supper Camped there again, most likely Nite Camped too! George says, "Man, am I starving!" Twice Fried Chicken tonite!

George built a campfire, the first one that The Team can remember since George met Ms. Tioga! Wow!


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