Saturday, April 24, 2004

George and Ms. Tioga and The Team at McClelland Camp! Wow! We can see a long way out across the valley from our place in the Modoc National Forest!

We had a Team Meeting, and decided to move up the mountain! Ms. Tioga was complaining that she was covered with horse flies, of all things. So up the mountain we went, and made camp in a level spot near the top. There are lots of flowers growing here! Wow!


Mr. Mavica tried to take a pic of the field of flowers in front of Ms. Tioga, and he could not get the pic! The flowers are too subtle, too small.

A bit further on, there is a small dirt road. It leads down into a green meadow. George hiked near there, and The Team may move again.


The Team moved, and found much more than a green meadow. More than we could ever have expected! Wow! We are overwhelmed!

Readers have emailed wondering how we find such places, that are not only magnificent and beautiful, but free. Oh Lord! What a blessing is this place! :)

If we would have come a week early, there would have been no flowers. A week late, the grass would have started to brown. No, this was the perfect time, the exact time. Why are Tioga and George soooo lucky?!

The pond is so very beautiful! In the evening, the frogs sing, and The Team loves their sound.


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