Tuesday, April 06, 2004

George spent the morning answering tons of emails from readers! Wow! We are soooo happy with the donations that we have received! Man! Almost $500 in the past few days!

Wow! I missed breakfast?! The Team is driving back to the Mokelumne River now, to camp for the day.

12 Noon
We are camped at the Mokelumne River again, this time a bit further upstream. George and Mr. Mavica are able to follow a path to the River. Here is George looking a the Mokelumne at River level. Wow! We really love the waters!

George is going to eat breakfast now! Man! Breakfast at Noon! Hmmmm? An omelette with sausage, onions, cheese and ham. Wow! That George sure is spoiled! :)

Three of the The Team, Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George are going up to see if they can find the dam across the Mokelumne River. Maybe we can get a pic of it.

Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica and George did make it to the dam and Pacific Gas & Electric power plant. The dam appears to be for flood control.

The diversion was sooooo very high! From how far up the Mokelumne River did this diversion come to be so high? Was the entire Upper Mokelumne River in this big pipe?

Before supper, George & Mr. Mavica went searching for flowers. Did you know that sweetpeas grow wild in the forest? They are soooooo small, so Mr. Mavica got real close!

We just had to put up this pic of a gorgeous lupine. That blue is absolutely deep!!

After supper, and before it gets real dark, The Team is moving north on Hwy 49 about 7 miles. We will make Nite Camp in the town of Jackson. We don't want any Sheriff pounding on Ms. Tioga, as happened last nite.

The Team just pulled into our Nite Camp spot here in downtown Jackson. This is a very friendly town! There is a place for RVs to stay overnite, wow! You have to get a permit at City Hall, but George phoned the Sheriff's Office, and they told him that it would be OK to stay the nite without the permit. Wasn't that nice of them?


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