Monday, April 26, 2004

We are breaking Camp and heading Northeast on Hwy 299 to Alturas, about 32 miles away.

Did we ever tell you about Uncle Joe's Desert Land? George's Uncle Joe bought some desert land in Northwest Nevada in the late 1950s. When Uncle Joe died in 1991, George was left with this land. We want to see what this land looks like, and since we are getting pretty close, we thought that we would show you where this desert land is located, OK?

The Team has arrived in the town of Alturas. George went shopping in the Four Corners Market.

We have to do some planning on our Northern route thru Eastern Oregon. Last nite, at a Team Meeting, Mr. Dometic suggested that Western Idaho would be better, because it is cooler there. Hmmmm?

Another Team Meeting about Trip Planning just ended. Mr. Dometic convinced everybody that going up Hwy 95 on the Western side of Idaho, would be best. And so, that is where we will head. Wow!

Now we are going to look about for a Nite Camp!

We tried for a Nite Camp along the Pit River, East of Alturas and found the access road on private property.

The Team then headed East on Hwy 299, and just after we re-entered the Modoc National Forest found a NFS Campground named "Cedar Pass", with No-Fee for camping! Wow!

Below is a pic of George thanking the Heavens for this wonderful find, while Mr. DataStorm goes about his business of getting "On-Satellite."

And here is Thoms Creek, flowing very nicely! BTW, we are alone in this NFS Campground! There is not one other camper here!


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