Friday, April 30, 2004

We took a chance, and made Nite Camp at the "Picnic Only" spot where we Supper Camped yesterday evening! Wow! Ms. Tioga looked first thing this morning, to see if there was any "Notice of Parking Violation" under her wiper blade, and nothing was there!

We are SOOOO happy!

We are heading North to Lake Abert, Oregon, where there are about a dozen small lakes shown on our GPS map. We want to see if we are able to explore these small lakes.

We are Day Camped on County Road 3-10, Hogsback Road. This is the desert, no doubt about it! We did not find the tiny lakes. Maybe they are there hiding? Or they dried up? Below is a pic of Ms. Tioga & George looking at the desert.

A few hundred yards down Hogsback Road, is a gate supported by two large stone gateposts. George has never seen stone gateposts like these before. The stones are enclosed in a wire mesh. Solid as the Rock of Gibralter! Have any of you seen gateposts like these? Below is a pic of George and these gateposts.

Everybody on The Team felt that it would be a very BAD idea to Nite Camp right on Hogback Road where we had Day Camped, because in the dark a driver could hit Ms. Tioga. So we moved to a place where there was a small road leading to a cattle water trough, and made Nite Camp there.

George really likes the desert, when the wind doesn't blow. It is not blowing now.

Below is a pic of our Nite Camp spot, just off Hogback Road.

Tonite, left over chicken enchiladas for Supper! Wow! Yummmm!


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  1. Awesome, I didn't know you'd driven out into the desert and sunstone digging areas around Plush, Oregon :).

    I visited there back in 2009, ended up with a camper full of road dust for my efforts.