Tuesday, April 27, 2004

We are breaking camp in order to move to a place where our Mr. Sunny will be able to see the Sun and give us the power that we need to run Mr. Chips. Wow! It is so GREAT to be excited about all of this blog stuff!

Later this morning, we will head East toward the town of Cedarville, California. George wants to talk to a real estate broker in Cedarville about Uncle Joe's land, to find out if there is some way to earn $money$ from this land. We do not believe that there is a way, because it is on open range.

Do you want to see Uncle Joe's Land yourself? We will be there in a few days! Wow!

We have arrived in Cedarville, and are parked on Main Street across from the real estate office. Cedarville is a quiet town. We like the way it looks, sort of an old fashioned kind of town. George says, "Cedarville is the kind of place where people say hello to me!"

The Team is camped out in the middle of a desert, east of Middle Alkali Lake. The wind comes across the desert, and shakes Ms. Tioga.

"Help, Everybody! This is Ms. Tioga talking at you. That George must be crazy to Camp in this dreadful place! There are snakes out here. I just know it!"

George made a bunch of enchiladas tonite, and here they are ready to be devoured!

Hi Everybody!

This is Ms. Tioga thanking all of the readers who wrote to George asking that he protect me from the desert wind and especially all of those snakes! We are in Cedarville town now, parked on Main Street where it is safe!


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