Sunday, April 04, 2004

We are going to try to find the ruins of the Old Town of "Fourth Crossing" which we wrote about yesterday. Wow! The Team loves to explore!

Although we searched hard for the remains of the Gold Mining Town of "Fourth Crossing", all we could find was the historical monument below.

George and Mr. Mavica did find out why the creek is so noisy! An old diversion dam creates a large drop!

We are pulling out of our Nite Camp, and heading north a few miles to the town of San Andreas, the Calaveras County seat.

As we drove into San Andreas, George spotted some ancient farm equipment, and of course he had to play with it!

All that is left of Old Town San Andreas, are these few historical building relics of long ago days.

The Team made Nite Camp south of San Andreas a few miles on Pool Station Road. This place is the site of the now closed Calaveras Cement Company plant. This is a huge facility, which now only sits and waits.

Can you imagine the pride of those who worked at this plant in 1931 when this monument to their safety was placed here?!

George & Mr. Sony Mavica went out into the nite to look at the dead cement factory. The Calaveras Cement Company keeps a few lights on, at the old factory entrance. The lights are like a faint heartbeat. The factory is dead, except for these lights.

George imagines that he can hear the sounds of the workers, from long ago. In George's mind's eye, he sees the parking lot full, and the machinery painted and clean. The walks are swept, and the lawn mowed.

But all that is left, is the faint heart beat from the two lights at the entrance. It makes The Team feel melancholy.


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