Thursday, April 22, 2004

Mr. Sunny was complaining that there was no Sun on him this morning, so George went up on the roof with Mr. Mavica to see what was to be seen. Wow! Look what we saw!

And then we looked at the poor Mr. Sunny! His lovely solar panels, all covered with snow!!

We are heading out now, and are sooooo excited! On the map we see that The Team will be very close to the volacano, Mount Lassen!!

The day is very clear, so Mr. Mavica is hoping to get some great pics! Mr. Tripod is keeping his legs crossed?!

BTW, for you who like to stay in campgrounds, within a few miles we passed "Lake" and "Butte Lake" Campgrounds.

We are at "Hat Creek Overlook" where Mr. Mavica was able to take a pic of our 1st look at Mount Lassen. This is a fabulous place to stop! From here you may see Mount Shasta! There are sound players, where you push the button and it tells the history of this area.

We are placing two special Maps here for readers who might come this way.

Below is a pic of George looking at the Mighty Mount Lassen!

We have made Camp off Hwy 89 up NFS Road #26, a dirt road in Lassen National Forest. We call this "Hat Creek Camp" but the creek is actually a 1/2 mile east of us.

For supper tonite, twice fried chicken! Yummm!

Note to Readers:
George has been working on a "Front Page" for the blog. The Front Page is not complete. However, The Team would like you to see it, OK?

Let us know what we should change, OK?


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