Friday, April 23, 2004

Ms. Tioga is sooooo dirty! George went out to clean her up. Wow, it is cold out here! We put the little Sharp clock outside with its digital themometer, and it turned up 40 degrees. We know that you hearty folks from all over the place, think that 40 degrees is warm. George is an East Los Angeles born and bred child, and 40 degrees is COLD in East LA!

In the pic below, George cleans a dirty Ms. Tioga

We are heading out now! Next stop, Burney Falls! Wow!

We are making an Afternoon Camp alongside Hwy 299 on the way to Fall River Mills. This wonderful spot is an overlook of a beautiful falls on the Pit River. But FIRST I have to tell you about Burney Falls! Wow!

Here is a pic of the beautiful Burney Falls, a MUST see in The Team's opinion.

And below is George standing with a sign about these falls.

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial Park is a must see place. The falls are spectacular! The campground is placed close to the River. People that I've met here, say that the fishing is great.

And finally, here is a pic of the Pit River Falls from the overlook. Mr. Mavica could not zoom in closer, try as he might!

We made Nite Camp in the Modoc National Forest, off County Road A2 in Bieber, California. We turned south on NFS Road 54 which is also called, McClelland Road. There's a Nubieber also, so don't get confused! :)

We are in low forested hills. Looking North East, we see a broad green valley, and mountains in the distance. This is a beautiful place, because of this view.

Today we travelled 68 miles!! Wow! That is WAY over our average of 25 miles/day!! This means that tomorrow, Saturday, will be a "no drive" day. The Team will stay at this Camp Site, which we have named "McClelland Camp" after the dirt road that brought us here. We shall explore this mountain, to see what can be found! Man! We love to explore!

Personal Note to Mr. USA:
Did you know that people live at Eagle Lake all year round? I wonder if that lake freezes? How is the bicycle? Mr. Cop, your email address is messed up!

Nite Camp Location Map

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