Thursday, April 29, 2004

What a wonderful place is Cedar Pass Campground! A creek flowing thru it, no cost-it's free, and tons of firewood! Wow!

Cedar Pass Campground is our very last Nite Camp in California until 2006 or 2007, if our Trip Plan turns out! Bye, bye California!

We are heading out now, and may make Camp near Goose Lake, across the Oregon border.


We crossed the Oregon Border.

We are in Lakeview, Oregon, looking for Campsite. We bought gas for $2.12/gallon, down from around $2.29 in California.

Man, it is tough to Camp along Hwy 395! Even parking is hard. We have made Supper Camp in a picnic spot. This would be great for a Nite Camp, if The Team wanted to risk getting a knock on the door late at nite!

We won't decide right now, because George is starviing. The Team made George go out and wash some of the desert dirt off Ms. Tioga, before he could make Supper. Wow!

Below is a pic of this lovely, but illegal, Nite Camp! Should we take a chance? Hmmmm?


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