Thursday, April 08, 2004

Note to Readers:
The donations have been flowing in! I am sooooo thankful.

Because of these donations, I was able to meet so many readers thru emails. Thru these emails, I have come to know personally, about your lives, about your families, and about your plans for RVing.

I am truly blessed.

Thank you SOOOOOO much,

George just finished putting up Ms. Tioga's new Window Treatment! In the pic below, is the first header installed.

We had to cut the flowery material to an exact width, then fabricate it into a tube shape as it was fitted over a header board. This shape was held with an iron-on tape. We then "bunched" the new cloth material over this header board, into the way that you see it in this pic. What do you think of our work?

We drove Mr. Trek up to Main Street in Jackson. What a nice atmosphere. A light and very mellow jazz music played in the background as we slowly drove Mr. Trek thru this old part of town. Lots of small stores to shop, and the air carried the fragrance of deli sandwiches. In the pic below, George looks at old Main Street.

The Town of Jackson was the home of the famous Argonaut & Kennedy Gold mines.

We are Nite Camped at the Union Mine on Union Mine Road. There is a closed disposal site nearby. A few cars drive by every so often. It is pretty quiet here. We are about three miles south of the town of El Dorado.

In the pic below at the Union Mine Camp Site, George actually looks at Mr. Mavica take his pic! Wow!


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