Monday, April 05, 2004

What is so great about fulltiming?!
1. Being home, everywhere.
2. Baking cookies, anywhere.
3. Looking at maps in the evening, to plan tomorrow's adventure.

Note to Mr. Cop!
A highway patrol truck pulled up behind Ms. Tioga at our Calaveras Concrete campsite this morning, and then left. When The Team was about to leave, we saw a note stuck to our driver's side window, which read:

Howdy George!

How are you and Ms. Tioga?
Hope Mr. Onan is feeling better.
Have a good stay.

Mr. Cop

Will Mr. Cop PLEASE send us an email, OK? Who are you?

Hi Everybody!

George is sooooo happy today. He took a nice hot shower, and when he went to wash his feet, they came right up for him to wash! Wow! The dreaded chemo messed with George's muscles. Made them soooo weak. But as each month goes by, George gets a little stronger. Things come back. This month, his feet came back! Man alive, 95!!

George told everybody on The Team, that he will NEVER take anything for granted again!

After breakfast, we are heading up to Mokelumne Hill, a small Gold Rush town. When George was younger, he raced his slalom kayak on the Mokelumne River near this town! Wow! Long time ago.

The Team toured the Mokelumne Hill's downtown. How cute it is, just as George remembers it. Below is a pic looking down Main Street in front of the Hotel Leger.

The library was closed, but there was a book sale out front. Only 50 cents for a hardcover! Wow!


We continued North on Hwy 49, heading for The Mokelumne River. This is a beautiful stream, and on BLM Land! We think that The Team may want to stay here for a couple days. How could we leave quickly! The Team is haunted by waters!!

Look at the Mokelumne in the pic below!

Guess what happened?! An Amador County Sheriff knocked on Ms. Tioga, and told George that there was "No Parking" after 9PM on Electra Road, which is where we are parked. Apparently the HUGE BLM sign that reads, "Welcome to the Molkelumne River" only means "the river." Not the road along the river.

OK, no problem. The Team moved 4 miles south to the town of Mokelumne Hill for Nite Camp. Tomorrow morning, we will move back down to the Mokelunmne River and make Day Camp.


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  1. Dawn would have been doing a little dance at that book sale :). Speaking of showers, are you using the one in Ms. Tioga? I noticed in your 3d picture of the inside that it was being used as a closet.