Monday, May 31, 2004

It is Cooking Time! Wow! We are going to make "Tioga's Meat Loaf." Yummmm.

"Tioga's Meat Loaf" is done. Oh my! Take a look at this beautiful
Meat Loaf!! Would you like the recipe?

Recipe for Tioga's Meat Loaf!

No Nite Camp map link published for this day.


Sunday, May 30, 2004

George & Mr. Mavica went out to hunt for Meese. We found
three more Meese, and took the pics below.

These Meese are to be auctioned off and the $money$ goes to the local
school program called, "No Meese Left Behind." Hmmmm?

We are heading North and leaving Coeur d'Alene behind. We looked up the word
"coeur" and the best we could do was that "coeur" means heart. So we suppose
that Coeur d'Alene means "Heart of Alene."

Later on, a reader wrote telling us what the real definition of "Coeur d'Alene" is.
It's French. French traders named their trading post in respect for the tough
trading practices of local Indian tribes. Translated literally, it means
"Heart of the Awl" or possibly "sharp-hearted."

A storm is coming up, with thunder and lightning. We have to put Mr. DataStorm
down because he is allergic to large jolts of electricity!

We have made Nite Camp in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest at the
2,700' elevation. There is a very lovely forest here, as you might
imagine. There are thunder showers, sometimes pretty heavy.

Mr. DataStorm says that he is not afraid of the lightning and told
The Team not to worry. Mr. DataStorm is sooooooo brave.
I hope that he is right!

There is no drought in this part of Idaho. Rain is coming down steadily.
Sometimes that thunder is soooooo huge!

Here is a pic of Ms. Tioga and George looking up at the dark sky.

Nite Camp Location Link


Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Team moved to the North side of Downtown Spokane. We
want to explore "River Park." Saturday is good day to explore
Downtown Spokane, because there are many more places for Ms. Tioga
to park with no restrictions.

Mr. Mavica, Mr. Trek and George are going to bike to River
Park to have a look-see. It is pretty cloudy today, and a bit
breezy too, but no rain so far!

We are back from exploring Downtown Spokane! Wow! This is
a Great City. Spokane reminds us a little of San Francisco, but
the water here is the beautiful Spokane River instead of the Bay.

If you were in a kayak, which way would you run Spokane Falls?
Right or left?

Here are the falls downstream. Did you make the right move? Hmmmmm?

There are lots of things for kids to do in River Park!

Lots of stores like "River Park Square", an Inside Mall.

There was even a race for George & Mr. Trek!

We were looking at Mr. DeLorme's GPS route map to the City of Coeur d'Alene
and this City is only 34 miles away. So, we are heading out to see what is
in Coeur d'Alene!

For some reason, there are Rainbow Colored Meese all over
the City of Coeur d'Alene. We like them!

There is also a Gigantic Coeur d'Alene Lake! The Team will have to
look over that Lake tomorrow. We have stopped to make Supper Camp.
Spicey Meatloaf tonite! Yummmmm!

We are going to make Nite Camp, right here at our Supper Camp location.
The Team is Camped in a bank parking lot. It is pretty quiet at this
site in Coeur d'Alene.

How do we know where to Camp?
A new reader wrote asking about how we know where to make Camp?
He wondered about guards or police knocking during the nite.

We are not worried about guards or police. We try to make friends
with these guards or police thru conversation. We always ask if
it is OK to stay until 5AM, and we offer to be gone by that time.
If they say no, and that we have to leave, we thank them and move.

It is really not a terrible thing to move at nite. We rarely have
had to do it though. And if moving is the worst thing that can
happen, why worry? Right?


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Friday, May 28, 2004

It's Called Wheat!
When we drove into the State of Washington yesterday,
we were surrounded by lovely fields of green grass.

Nobody on The Team had any idea what this green grass
was? We asked a man yesterday, and he said,
"That's winter wheat!" Wow!

Here is George in a field of wheat.

We think that the areas that we have driven thru in the
State of Washington are just plain fantastic. The green
wheat fields are like huge lawns! George wishes that he
could play golf on those huge green wheat lawns. Wow!

Animal Tracks
Something walked by Ms. Tioga last nite, and left this track.
Do you know what left this track?

The Team is heading North to the Town of Rosalia. We want to
view the Monument to the Battle of Steptoe, that is located in
this town.

We are in the Town of Rosalia, looking at the Monument raised on the
Battlefield of Steptoe.

We have made Day Camp about 27 miles South of the City of Spokane.
We are going to cook some special food. Below is a pic of
the ingredients to be used to prepare this special food.

Can you guess what this will be? Hmmmmm?

The Team is in the City of Spokane, Washington, and a
lovely City it is, too. About an hour ago, we drove up
to Pioneer Park, which looks to the NorthWest over Spokane.

Here is a pic of George looking at Spokane, from Pioneer

We are Supper Camped, and hopefully Nite Camped in a parking
lot of a doctor's office. This lot is down below Pioneer Park.
It is quiet here, and away from the traffic.

Note to readers, especially new readers:
We receive email from new readers, wondering why we just pull
off the road and make Camp? Readers wonder about us needing to hookup?

As many readers who have been following Ms. Tioga for awhile know,
everywhere we Camp, we have full hookups. Because Ms. Tioga
and The Team, make up a complete RV. We are a Full Hookup.


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Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Team is up very early this morning. Do you know why?
Because yesterday, a reader suggested that we gotta go
see "Steptoe Butte." The thing about "Steptoe Butte" is
that it is located in the State of Washington. The Team
is crazy for crossing a state border.

This may be a case of "Border Sucker Madness", an affliction
that has been known to strike RVs before. Man-o-Man!

So this morning we are crossing back into the State of
Washington. Wow!

Here is a link to the mysterious Steptoe Butte.

We pulled into the Town of Pullman, Washington. Do you know
what lives in Pullman? Washington State University!! Wow!
If the University of Idaho is big, the campus of the Washington
State University is a City unto itself!

We took two pics of Washington State University. The one below
is of Bryan Hall. We liked Bryan Hall because it had a Clock Tower.
We like Clock Towers.

We took a pic of the huge Cougar Stadium. We wonder if any readers ever
saw a football game in this stadium?

12 Noon
We have arrived at the top of Steptoe Butte. It is breathtaking! Wow!
We are 3,619 feet high.

The view is fantastic from way up here. We are able to see about
70 miles to Mount Spokane in the North.

George and Mr. Mavica went out to take some pics. Mr. Mavica said,
"These views are too big, George. I am just a little camera!"
Try as Mr. Mavica could, he was not able to make a pic that would
capture what George could see with his eyes.

Here is a pic looking towards the Town of Coeur D'Alene, which is
51 miles away, as the crow flies.

And here is a Spokane View!

The Team was going to make Nite Camp up here on Steptoe Butte.
However, as evening came on, the weather started closing in. The wind
became very strong.

We have come down from Steptoe Butte, and are Nite Camped at the
entrance to the park. It got too windy way up there.

Here is a link about the U.S. Army battle on Steptoe Butte!


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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

George and Mr. Mavica went on a flower walk this morning.
We found Downtown Genesee. Very nice. The City Hall is
just down the street on the right, in the pic below.

We found some lovely yellow flowers and some very friendly
people during our walk. In the pic below, are the people who
just loved George coming to call.

The George Cup floweth over with flowers! Wow!

The Team is pulling out of the Little Town of Genesee, Idaho,
and heading North to Moscow, Idaho. Hmmmmm?

To us on The Team, The University of Idaho is the biggest thing
going on in Moscow, Idaho. So we headed over for a look-see. We
wonder if any readers went to University of Idaho?

The most dramatic sight was the Administration Building!

We liked The Tower with the Giant "I."

And the Kibbie Dome!

We have made Supper Camp near Hwy 95, behind a wonderful supermarket
named "Rosauers." They have everything inside Rosauers Market!

A HUGE storm moved thru Moscow, Idaho with tons of rain! Wow! So much
water came down, you would not believe!! Some water came in thru Ms. Tioga's
stove vent! Man!

The rain stopped a little while ago, and we moved our Nite Camp site to one
end of the parking lor of Rosauers Market. Although we are close to Hwy 95,
it is very quiet here.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

We have just visited the "Nez Perce County Museum" in Lewiston, Idaho.
Wow! What a place.

Of the many exhibits, the one on Chief Joseph got to us the most.

This guy had a tough life, and in the end, defeated, he gave up. What else could he do?

Below is the agreement of surrender from Chief Joseph.
His words, "I Will Fight No More Forever" have thundered
down to us from the corridors of time.

Sacajawea, that famous yet little known woman.
We were captivated by her tiny statue.

The Lewis and Clark portions of this museum were not as dramatic as those about
Chief Joseph and Sacajawea.

When The Team goes thru a town, we look for pics that will bring memories back
to readers who may have lived in that town. The pic below of Hwy 12 leaving
Lewiston toward Clarkston, may mean something to those of you who once lived in Lewiston, Idaho.

We have moved North, and are on Lewiston Hill, overlooking the
Towns of Lewiston and Clarkston. Far below us, is the spectacular
view of the Clearwater & Snake Rivers meeting and these two towns.

We are in the Town of Genesee, Idaho. We found a place where
RVs are welcome! There is a little park here with a nice lawn,
and a baseball field too. There are even electrical hookups and
a dump station. Wow!

Below is a pic of The Team at our Nite Camp Site in Genesee, Idaho.


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