Monday, May 17, 2004

Today the clouds have evaporated. Would you like to see
what things look like now? Here is French Creek with the
Main Salmon down below.

And this is the Main Salmon. Wow!

Mr. Mavica and George went for a walk upstream a bit. Would you
like to see what we found?

Gorgeous Butterflies!

And lovely wild roses (we think that they are wild roses).

Directly across the Main Salmon from our campsite, are the remains of a cable
bridge across the river. There is some kind of construction just upstream.

George explored with his binoculars and is able to see the remains of this
construction. Those who lived at this place, built a Cable Crossing in order
to bridge the Main Salmon River.

What were they doing there? Who were these people? It is lost now, in the
history of this place. All that is left, are the remains, as shown in the pics

The Cable Anchor across the Main Salmon.

The huge cable lying in a heap.

The Cable Stage with its rotting boards.

We are fascinated with history!

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  1. Across the river from there is "Cable Car Hot Springs" (or French Creek hot springs). You have to cross the river. The cable car must have got you across in the good ol' days! Now you need a boat. It's not safe to cross the river without one!

    1. Hi Greg,

      I did not read you comment until today. I'm on the way up there right now! About nine months after your comment!