Tuesday, May 25, 2004

We have just visited the "Nez Perce County Museum" in Lewiston, Idaho.
Wow! What a place.

Of the many exhibits, the one on Chief Joseph got to us the most.

This guy had a tough life, and in the end, defeated, he gave up. What else could he do?

Below is the agreement of surrender from Chief Joseph.
His words, "I Will Fight No More Forever" have thundered
down to us from the corridors of time.

Sacajawea, that famous yet little known woman.
We were captivated by her tiny statue.

The Lewis and Clark portions of this museum were not as dramatic as those about
Chief Joseph and Sacajawea.

When The Team goes thru a town, we look for pics that will bring memories back
to readers who may have lived in that town. The pic below of Hwy 12 leaving
Lewiston toward Clarkston, may mean something to those of you who once lived in Lewiston, Idaho.

We have moved North, and are on Lewiston Hill, overlooking the
Towns of Lewiston and Clarkston. Far below us, is the spectacular
view of the Clearwater & Snake Rivers meeting and these two towns.

We are in the Town of Genesee, Idaho. We found a place where
RVs are welcome! There is a little park here with a nice lawn,
and a baseball field too. There are even electrical hookups and
a dump station. Wow!

Below is a pic of The Team at our Nite Camp Site in Genesee, Idaho.


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