Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Team is breaking our Meadow Creek Camp, and heading up
to Elk City. We made a mistake by not topping off our propane
tank when we were in Grangeville yesterday. There are gas stations
in Elk City, and we are hoping to buy propane there.

We do not have enough propane onboard, in order to camp overnite on
the Elk City Wagon Road. Hmmmm?

12 Noon
We are camped up on the Old Elk City Wagon Road. The Team decided to
Camp about one mile onto OECWR. First of all, the weather looks kind
of stormy. Take a look at the clouds in the pic below.

These are dirt roads. What would happen to them during a big
downpour? Another thing is, that there might still be snow on OECWR.

We decided to Camp here overnite, and then see what's what in the

While we were in the Town of Elk City, we bought propane and for only
$1.59/gallon!! Also, we bought groceries, some salmon steaks, center
cut pork chops, and some chicken breasts.

BTW, pork chops are one of George's better things. He serves them by
deglazing his skillet with red wine and garlic. The deglazed sauce
is just fantastic!! Do you wanna come to supper tonite? Hmmmm?

There have been some huge lightning bolts as close as 3 miles away.
Several bolts touched the ground. Mr. DataStorm begged to be put down,
and of course he was put down.

The Lightning and Thunder Storm has passed, and Mr. DataStorm is back
online. We see a little blue sky.

You won't be jealous if you see the view from our supper table tonite,
will you? Hmmmmm?

Ms. Tioga's Cooking Secrets!
Tonite Ms. Tioga added her "Enchilada Recipe" to her Cooking Secrets. Have
you checked out Ms. Tioga's Cooking Secret Page yet?


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