Wednesday, May 26, 2004

George and Mr. Mavica went on a flower walk this morning.
We found Downtown Genesee. Very nice. The City Hall is
just down the street on the right, in the pic below.

We found some lovely yellow flowers and some very friendly
people during our walk. In the pic below, are the people who
just loved George coming to call.

The George Cup floweth over with flowers! Wow!

The Team is pulling out of the Little Town of Genesee, Idaho,
and heading North to Moscow, Idaho. Hmmmmm?

To us on The Team, The University of Idaho is the biggest thing
going on in Moscow, Idaho. So we headed over for a look-see. We
wonder if any readers went to University of Idaho?

The most dramatic sight was the Administration Building!

We liked The Tower with the Giant "I."

And the Kibbie Dome!

We have made Supper Camp near Hwy 95, behind a wonderful supermarket
named "Rosauers." They have everything inside Rosauers Market!

A HUGE storm moved thru Moscow, Idaho with tons of rain! Wow! So much
water came down, you would not believe!! Some water came in thru Ms. Tioga's
stove vent! Man!

The rain stopped a little while ago, and we moved our Nite Camp site to one
end of the parking lor of Rosauers Market. Although we are close to Hwy 95,
it is very quiet here.


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