Sunday, May 16, 2004

Hi Everybody!
Have you visited our "Introduction" page? Maybe you
would like to click over there for a sec and take a
peek, OK?

It rained all nite long, and it is raining now. George is
going to take Giant Umbrella, and together with Mr. Mavica
go out for a look-see. Wanna come? Hmmmm?

We are thinking about staying another whole day right here
in this campsite, alongside the Mighty Main Salmon River.
Everybody on The Team is hoping to see a huge animal, maybe
an elk or something. Whatta you think? Should we stay another
whole day?

George, Mr. Mavica and Giant Umbrella have returned from a
look-see. We did not find a single Elk! Wow!

Whatta you think about us moving upstream a bit, and trying to
find a Camp Site right on the river? Wouldn't that be neat?

It is going to be very hard to describe to you, where we are
camped! Wow! Mr. Mavica is going to have to take some pics,
because you will absolutely not believe that we got in here,
got on the satellite, and are levelled out! Man-O-Man!!

Look at the tiny opening that Ms. Tioga squeezed thru, in order
for The Team to make this Camp! Wow!

Mr. Mavica has not been able to get a pic that shows how high
above the Salmon River we are, and how close to the cliff.
George cannot get close enough to the cliff to get a nice pic
downstream, so Mr. Mavica took this pic without George. Can you
tell how high up we are?

We might be at this Camp for more than just one day. George
has lots to do. He wants to write an essay titled, "Old Time Friends."
What better place to write than in this beautiful and quiet place!

Our Camp is just above the confluence of French Creek and the Main
Salmon River. French Creek is a fabulous stream, with a great staircase
set of rapids just around the bend from our Camp.

Mr. Mavica took George on a walk to get some pics of where we are camped.
Remember that we told you that it was hard to get a perspective of our
Camp Site? Well here is a pic that sort of brings that perspective in view.

Looking downstream from the same location as the perspective view above,
is this pic of the Main Salmon. Look carefully and you will see French
Creek near the confluence. Can you see it?

Nite Camp Location Link


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