Saturday, May 15, 2004

Lewis and Clark
We missed travelling on much of the Lewis and Clark Trail
on the East side of Idaho. However, about 140 miles North
of us is more of the L&C Trail.

We will head to the town of Orofino, Idaho, and explore that
area. It will take a while to get to Orofino, but we are
on our way!

12 Noon
We came to Packer John's Cabin. This place is marked on all
of our maps, so we thought that you might be interested.

We have made Camp along the Main Salmon River, about one mile
upstream from the Little Salmon River. George & Mr. Mavica
are going off to take some pics of this place.

Here is a pic looking downstream at the Main Salmon River.

We met a kayaker who suggested that we make Camp upstream, because
it is a much nicer site. We are moving camp.

We are now camped at Spring Bar on the Main Salmon River. We are
glad that we moved our camp upstream. Spring Bar has forest, and
is a very green place.

Do you think that we should stay here at Spring Bar longer
than one day? Hmmm? George already saw an eagle! Wow!

Nite Camp Location Link


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