Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
Our next destination is "Devil's Tower", 140 miles away from our Camp!
Hopefully, we should arrive at Devil's Tower in about three days.
Lately however, we have been traveling much further each day than our
planned 50 miles/day. The Team has been having trouble finding roads
into the forests that are all around us!

Tioga's Meat Loaf!
George is putting a Meat Loaf into the oven this morning. Lately the
weather has been MUCH too warm to fire up the oven at Supper Camp!

In the pic below, George looks at the forest near our camp during the
very early morning. Do you see how a lawn covers our forest? Hmmmm?

We came to a road side sign that told the story of Custer and the Indian
reservation system sooooo well. We had to put it up on our Blog!

The Team looked soooooo hard for a place to Camp, and we could not find
one! We took a pic. Can guess where we have actually Camped by seeing
this pic?

If you guessed "Devils Tower National Monument" in NorthEast Wyoming,
you are absolutely right!


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
This morning we will visit the "Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument."

Along the way, George will pick up some mail at the Hardin, Montana Post Office.

The view of the Sunrise from Ms. Tioga's front door, told of a gorgeous day ahead.

The Team arrives at the "Little Bighorn Battlefield." George and Mr. Mavica
listened to the Park Rangers tell the story of the Famous Battle!

The Vistor's Center was wonderful! Here is a pic of Sitting Bull,
George and President Grant.

General Custer takes a pic with George.

The big mystery is, why did General Custer fight this battle? Perhaps
we can find out, by testimony of those who were there?

In the pic below, George looks at the actual ridge where Custer and about 225
soldiers and scouts saw their first view of the Indian village. The Indians
numbered about 7,000 Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapahoe. Of this number,
1,500 to 2,000 were warriors under the leadership of Sitting Bull who refused
to be restricted to the reservation and wanted to continue the nomadic life.

The result of Custer's decision to attack the overwhelming Indian force before
he had knowledge of their size brought destruction to the 7th Cavalry under
his command.

George looks at the rise where Custer's Last Stand took place. Custer
fell here, along with many of his men. Enlisted soldiers who died in
the battle are in a mass grave under the Monument.

We are Nite Camped in Custer National Forest, about 70 miles East
of "The Little Bighorn Battleground." We may be the only campers
in this "free" National Park site!

What a lovely Nite Camp. We are sooooo happy that the Sun is setting
because it has been a bit warm today!


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Monday, June 28, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
We will be heading NorthEast thru Red Lodge, to Billings, Montana.
Do you know why the town is named "Red Lodge?"

The Team is in Billings, Montana. Would you believe that we passed
thru the Town of Laurel and that there was a Hardee Restaurant
there?! Wow!

We are Supper Camped on the East side of Billings, Montana. The entire
day just "slipped by!!" We did shopping and repaired Mr. Chips printer
which fell off its wall mounting!

We did find out why Red Lodge, Montana is called "Red." See the pic

We are making Nite Camp right here at our Supper Camp location. The Team
is in vacant lot a short distance from a big "Flying J" truck stop.

The Team really likes "Flying J" gas stations. We needed propane today,
and were having trouble finding it. At "Flying J" we found the propane
and a free RV Dump Station too!


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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
This morning we will be going over "Beartooth Pass" which is 10,947 feet high!!!
That will be the highest altitude that Ms. Tioga has travelled. Wow! When we
approach this Pass, we will be in first gear, probably at 10 miles per hour.

Below is a well written article for motorcycle riders about Beartooth Pass.
George thinks that it is a terrific description!

We have made it over Beartooth Pass! Everybody on The Team is so impressed
with the fabulous Ms. Tioga! She has the most powerful engine in all the
World of RVing, you know!

Ms. Tioga, her pistons pounding in unyielding power, carried her faithful
Team Members over the fabulous 10,947 foot Beartooth Pass! Wow!

We have made Camp in the Custer National Forest. The Team is back in Montana
again! The rapidly flowing Rock Creek is very close to our Campsite.
Mr. Levelers is levelled out, and Mr. DataStorm is "On-Satellite."

Below are pics from Today's Adventure!

Just as we were leaving our Dead Indian Campsite this morning, Mr. Mavica
took this pic below, of Ms. Tioga and this beautiful campsite!

Near the Creek, a plant with a very lovely fragrance grew. Do you know
the name of this plant?

As we ascended The Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy, we were in the area where
Chief Joseph made his very sad surrender speech. Below is a sign
commemorating this event. I hope that you are able to read it!

In the pic below, George looks at the fantastic Rocky Mountains in the

We came to a place called "Top of the Mountain." Mr. Mavica took a pic of
George and Ms. Tioga looking at a spectacular mountain range being high
lighted by the Sun.


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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
We are sooooo excited about visiting the "Buffalo Bill Historical Center"
in Cody, Wyoming. This place sounds really neat! :)

We have arrived at the "Buffalo Bill Historical Center" and it is HUGE!

Here are the Animals that we liked:

Polar Bear

Grizzly Bear


Baby Bison

Here are the people that were fascinating:

Smith & Wesson

Annie Oakley

Bill Cody calling the poker hand in a player's hat!

Sitting Bull

One of the guns, really grabbed us!
The Tommy Gun!

We are heading North toward Beartooth Scenic Highway. As we climbed the steep
road out of Cody, Wyoming, the weather was very scary!

But when we cleared the mountain, and came out of the clouds, we saw a light
of clear weather in the distance. Wow!

We are camped Northwest of Cody, where Dead Indian Creek crosses Hwy 296.
There is a campground nearby, but we are boondocking for $Free$ !!

Here is George looking at Dead Indian Creek, a few yards from Ms. Tioga!


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