Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
Our next destination is "Devil's Tower", 140 miles away from our Camp!
Hopefully, we should arrive at Devil's Tower in about three days.
Lately however, we have been traveling much further each day than our
planned 50 miles/day. The Team has been having trouble finding roads
into the forests that are all around us!

Tioga's Meat Loaf!
George is putting a Meat Loaf into the oven this morning. Lately the
weather has been MUCH too warm to fire up the oven at Supper Camp!

In the pic below, George looks at the forest near our camp during the
very early morning. Do you see how a lawn covers our forest? Hmmmm?

We came to a road side sign that told the story of Custer and the Indian
reservation system sooooo well. We had to put it up on our Blog!

The Team looked soooooo hard for a place to Camp, and we could not find
one! We took a pic. Can guess where we have actually Camped by seeing
this pic?

If you guessed "Devils Tower National Monument" in NorthEast Wyoming,
you are absolutely right!


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