Sunday, June 27, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
This morning we will be going over "Beartooth Pass" which is 10,947 feet high!!!
That will be the highest altitude that Ms. Tioga has travelled. Wow! When we
approach this Pass, we will be in first gear, probably at 10 miles per hour.

Below is a well written article for motorcycle riders about Beartooth Pass.
George thinks that it is a terrific description!

We have made it over Beartooth Pass! Everybody on The Team is so impressed
with the fabulous Ms. Tioga! She has the most powerful engine in all the
World of RVing, you know!

Ms. Tioga, her pistons pounding in unyielding power, carried her faithful
Team Members over the fabulous 10,947 foot Beartooth Pass! Wow!

We have made Camp in the Custer National Forest. The Team is back in Montana
again! The rapidly flowing Rock Creek is very close to our Campsite.
Mr. Levelers is levelled out, and Mr. DataStorm is "On-Satellite."

Below are pics from Today's Adventure!

Just as we were leaving our Dead Indian Campsite this morning, Mr. Mavica
took this pic below, of Ms. Tioga and this beautiful campsite!

Near the Creek, a plant with a very lovely fragrance grew. Do you know
the name of this plant?

As we ascended The Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy, we were in the area where
Chief Joseph made his very sad surrender speech. Below is a sign
commemorating this event. I hope that you are able to read it!

In the pic below, George looks at the fantastic Rocky Mountains in the

We came to a place called "Top of the Mountain." Mr. Mavica took a pic of
George and Ms. Tioga looking at a spectacular mountain range being high
lighted by the Sun.


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