Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We have made Breakfast Camp in a forested clearing alongside the North Fork
Salmon River. As you may see from the pic below, the stream is more like a
creek at this place.

Shortly after we began driving, we began to see more and more trees. We drove
along the Main Salmon River, and past several historic signs about Lewis and Clark.
Below are pics of these signs, which speak for themselves. Did we mention that
our Camp of last nite was on an exact location of a Captain Clark campsite?!

We are at last Nite Camped!! We are in the Lolo National Forest! Wow! This has been a long driving day. The Team tried camping in several places. Down on Hwy 93 in Montana, the Camp Sites are well, how do we say it politely? They were ugly. We found a few pay sites, but Mr. DataStorm was unhappy with these because he couldn't see the satellite.

We are now pretty close to the Lochsa River, our destination. But we had to
Camp because George was getting very crabby. George gets crabby when he is
hungry, and he is very hungry now. You know what THAT means! In the pic below,
Mr. Mavica takes a pic of Hungry George at our Lolo Camp Site. Ms. Tioga is
showing off her new Toyos (you might want to send her an email saying how nice
her new tires look, OK?)


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