Thursday, July 29, 2004

We have made Camp in the Jerry Johnson U.S. Forest Campground. After breakfast,
we will explore to find a dispersed place to Camp.

The Team looked all over the canyon above Jerry Johnson Campground and adjacent
to the Lochsa River. There is not any dispersed camping for RVs to be found. So,
we are staying the nite in this Campground. So far, we are the only campers in
this place!

Tomorrow we will continue looking for a place to boondock. Who knows what we
will find!!!

Below is a pic of George looking down at Ms. Tioga, the only Camper in Jerry
Johnson Campground. This Campground was filled with 100 year old Douglas fir
trees which were infested with root rot. After the Forest Service struggled
with what to do, they finally decided that it was too dangerous for these weakened
trees to remain in the Campground. The chances of one falling over and crushing
a camper were just too great.

After the Douglas fir trees were removed, the Campground was without any shade.
Apparently few campers will stay in a camp without shade. Campers take a peek, but
few remain. The Team likes the sun, because Mr. Sunny gets a "charge" out of that.
But it is very hot during the day.


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