Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Desert Water
We don't know where all of this water flowing thru the desert comes from, but
it is a wonderful oasis, that is for sure! People walk by Ms. Tioga with one
or two fish, good sized fish too! Where do these fish come from? Below is a
pic of George looking thru the trees at the clear waters of Birch Creek.

We may stay at Birch Creek Campground for another day. Yesterday, we traveled
far beyond our budget. Staying over will average things out.

This morning we were planning to stay at Birch Creek until tomorrow. But, we are
getting the urge to move this afternoon. What can we do? We are Vagabonders
Supreme, and the road is calling!

Just after we left Birch Creek, we came upon this interesting roadside sign. Isn't
it something to think about, that this place was forested and ancient folk lived

We passed thru Salmon, Idaho, and the Mighty Salmon River now runs along the road.
We are staying in a BLM Campground called Tower Rock. In the pic below, George
looks at the beautiful colors in Tower Rock!

We have found out that this area of Idaho is mostly high desert. We had hoped
for a forest with nice cool breezes and maybe even some little creek flowing.
Maybe a little further North?


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