Sunday, July 25, 2004

George's Dam
This has been a real nice day! We cleaned Ms. Tioga a bit more, and worked
on the dam a little. George repaired the break in the dam, and raised the
top of the dam about 2"!! Behind our dam, the water has backed up quite a bit.
Do you want to see George's Dam?

While cleaning Ms. Tioga, George found a small cut on the face of Ms. Tioga's
right front tire. We do not like the look of this cut, and are thinking of
heading into Idaho Falls, Idaho in the morning to have our front tires replaced.

The Storm
It was a really nice sunny day. George went to take a nap, and woke up to the sound
of thunder. If the storm gets close, Mr. DataStorm will have to come down because
we don't want him to become a lightning rod, do we?


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  1. LOL, I did and still love building rock dams in streams and creeks, though it's always more challenging in the bigger ones because the water tends to shove the rocks around :p.