Thursday, July 15, 2004

Heading South To Green River Lakes
The Tioga Team received a recommendation from Ron Bunge,
publisher of the famous online "HitchItch" to visit the
Green River Lakes area.

I trust that Ron will not mind me sharing this site with

Hi everybody! This is Mr. Sony Mavica and my faithful companion TriPod
talking to you. On the way out of Grand Teton National Park, we saw
so many zillion flowers. We stopped to take a pic for you to see. It is
not possible for me to capture the great beauty of these flowers, so you
will have to use your imagination, OK?

We on The Team hope that we will NOT lose our status as "Vagabonders-Supreme!"
This afternoon, we checked into a National Forest Campground! We know! It is
almost a sacrilege! We had a choice to drive maybe 90 miles with a cost of
$28 for gas, OR pay $7.50 for a campsite!

Below is a pic of George looking at the Hoback River from our campsite.


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