Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Terrific CampSite!
This CampSite in the Targhee Forest has really grown on The Team. There are
trees all around, but it is clear enough not to block Mr. Sunny's solar panels.
Green grass grows everywhere, and we love that. It is cool, and there are very
few mosquitos or other biting beasties! Oh, oh, and we almost forgot to mention
the creek which flows a few feet from us! Take a look at the pic below!

George watched the final time trial of the Tour de France on TV this morning. Who
do you think won this race in record time? OK, I will give you one guess, OK? Did
you answer Lance Armstrong! You are right! All Lance and the Posties have to do
is ride into Paris tomorrow and Lance will have won six straight Tours! Wow!

After the race was over, George went out to wash Ms. Tioga. It has been sooooo hard
to keep Ms. Tioga clean because we have been traveling in dusty places. Then the
rain would come and glue the dust on. Look below to see George giving Ms. Tioga a
cleaning, OK?

Vagabonder Supreme!
If I had not gotten cancer, and survived, would I be sitting in this
gorgeous place reading a book? Hmmmmm?

Without any doubt, I would not be here. I would be back in Concord, my life
slipping by without much notice. Cancer was the very best thing that ever
happened to me. A wakeup call. My second chance to find out who in the hell I
was. My chance to learn that living for me, was to be fully conscious of
all the beauty around me. To hear the sounds, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste.

Did you know that I talk to the animals out here? You probably thought that I only
talked to Ms. Tioga and Mr. Mavica and the rest of The Team. No, I talk to the
animals. And smell the flowers, and even taste a leaf now and then.

A little while ago I fixed up the broken stone dam in the creek, and now the water flows a few inches higher behind this dam. Dam building was one of my favorite things
when I was a kid and we all went to Tujunga Canyon where my Grandma had a cabin.
I found that I still love to build dams from rocks. I owe all of this to cancer.


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