Monday, July 05, 2004

Today's Adventure
Fog has streamed into the lowlands beneath our Cicero Peak Camp. When
this fog lifts, we might travel over to Badlands National Park and take
a look-see.

Here is a pic of the fog looking in the direction of Rapid City.

We are lunch camped on the Road to Mount Rushmore, a bit North of
Custer State Park. This morning we visited Custer State Park. We
understood that this Park is loaded with wild animals. However,
this morning they must all have been sleeping in. That is why we
have no pics of Custer State Park to show you.

We are a bit disappointed in the weather here in South Dakota. Weather
is VERY important to us on The Team, and we design are trip to be in
the best weather possible. Although it is July now, and the middle of
Summer, the weather seems not to know that it is July, and thinks that
we are in November.

We are at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It is difficult for us
on The Team, to comprehend somebody even contemplating a project such as
this. Wow!

We have arrived at Badlands National Park. There are very few cars, let alone
RVs heading out to The Badlands. We are wondering why?

We have made Nite Camp in a place that is pretty desolate! Below is a view
looking out Ms. Tioga's bedroom window.

We had to break our Nite Camp site in Badlands National Park! Man! A storm
looked like it was coming, and the dirt road had signs which read, "Not Passable
When Wet!" So we drove back to Rapid City (in the dark!).

We have to tell you that there is a very good chance that we are about
to cut our trip to the East at this point, and head back West. The
Weather is the straw that breaks the camel's back here.

However, there is another longer lasting dilemma. Ever since we crossed
over into Montana, we have had to travel very long distances between camps.
Before Montana, we camped on average every 25 miles. Ever since Montana,
we have averaged over 65 miles. A few times over 150 miles. This may not
seem like many miles. However, this change spoiled the essential leisure
that we used to have and loved.


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