Saturday, July 31, 2004

We Are Melting in the Park!
Hi Everybody!

It's true, we are melting. On May 22nd, we camped in this same park where we
are camping now. Only back in May, it was sooooooo cool. Wow! Inside Ms. Tioga
it is 96 degrees! The Team has been searching for cool places! The only cool
places are near the Ocean, and we are hundreds of miles from the Ocean! George
knows that he is a Weather Wimp, and that you may be in even warmer weather!

Wonderful Idaho!
Idaho is such a wonderful state for travelers. Look where George is sitting
in the shade of this lovely rest stop. There are trees, big trees for shade.
And grass and picnic tables. A sign reads, "OK to park for 16 hours!" Isn't
that great?! RV Dump stations are found all over the state. Wow!

Just below this park flows the Clearwater River. Mr. Mavica has promised to
take a pic of the Clearwater when the Sun gets a little lower, OK? As we traveled
today, we drove along the two large tributories of the Clearwater; The Lochsa and
The Selway Rivers. These rivers were ones that Lewis and Clark traveled. We passed
such a poignant Lewis and Clark road sign. Mr. Mavica took a pic for you to read.

It is finally cool. Ms. Tioga will be able to spend the nite with windows open,
because it will not get cold, even in the early morning before dawn. George
finally feels some energy. Boy, that heat takes everything out of him!

Mr. Mavica took a pic of the Mighty Clearwater River. You know that Lewis and
Clark and their entire expedition canoed down past this point in 1805. Isn't that
something to think about?!


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