Monday, July 26, 2004

We Love RV Friendly Idaho
The Team left our cute little Camp where we were at for the past three days
a bit after 6AM. We are heading for Idaho Falls, to shop for two front tires
for Ms. Tioga. We love RV friendly Idaho. There are sooooo many places to
stop or camp. We found this lovely rest stop and stopped for breakfast.
This place is just above the Snake River. In the pic below, Mr. Mavica looks
out from inside Ms. Tioga at George looking at the wonderful Snake River.

We wanted to take a look at the waterfall in the City of Idaho Falls, and we
could not find the location on our maps. So we decided to search. Unfortunately
we entered Hwy 15 North during our search, and there were no off ramps for about
15 miles. Too bad!

We were looking for more mountains like the gorgeous place we camped for
the past two days. We found ourselves instead, in the middle of a desert,
and it looked in the distance as though the desert would go on for a long
way. Suddenly we came upon a string of trees in this desert. It
must be a stream or something. We saw a few RVs here and there. So we
pulled in at the first roadway we could find. This is a FREE BLM Campground!
Isn't that great?! The stream that flows thru here is called Birch Creek.

Look at the two pics below, OK? In the first one, Mr. Mavica takes a pic of
George looking at the desert inside this Campground. In the second pic below,
with Mr. Mavica pointed in the opposite direction, George is looking at a
lovely creek with flowers and trees.

Hard & Soft Water
Since we fill up our water tank all over the West, we are amazed how
hard or soft water is in different places. Today we filled water in
Idaho Falls, and the water was soooooo soft, that the soapy
feeling would not rinse off!

Note of Thanks for Toyo Tires!
From the bottom of our Team Heart, we want to thank all of you who
made donations and looked at our Ads! You helped us afford the
wonderful new Toyo Tires! In the pic below, Ms. Tioga and George
show you how the new Toyos look. Notice how Ms. Tioga has turned
her wheel to show you her new straight treads!


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  1. The soapy sensation is actually from salt in the water. Water softeners exchange our magnesium and calcium for salt ions left behind on the special resin beads in the unit.

    The harder the water, the more salt, the more "slippery" the water feels. :)