Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We crossed the border leaving California on April 29th, four months ago. The
California border is only 20 miles away from our Illinois River Camp! California,
here we come!

We did some grocery shopping in the Shop Smart in Cave Junction, Oregon, and are
going to eat breakfast in their parking lot. You know what's really neat? To
pull into a little town somewhere, and know where the grocery is located! We are
getting to pretty much know a lot of towns in the northwest.

Welcome to California
We are back! George and MsTioga look at the "Welcome to California" sign at the

We are in a Six Rivers National Forest Campground. Everybody wanted to camp
here, except for Mr. Sunny and Mr. DataStorm. The two said that there was not
enough Sun and the satellite could not be found in the Campground. We looked
around and found a perfect place for a Day Camp in the picnic area! Wow! So,
we are going to stay here during the day, and maybe go into the Campground when
the picnic area closes at 9PM.

Below is a pic of George and The Team in the Six Rivers National Forest Campground.

Mr. DeLorme ran up, all excited and out of breath. He had been out about the
area, just poking around in his mappy way. He told The Team that he had found
a wonderful Nite Camp, just a short distance away. So we took off to see what
Mr. DeLorme had found!

Wow! It is a nice Nite Camp! We went up County Road 316 a short distance. Patrick
Creek flows along this road, close to our campsite. Below is a pic of George & MsTioga
at Patrick Creek Camp.


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Monday, August 30, 2004

One more time for Babyfoot Lake!
Yesterday, Mr. Mavica and George tried to hike to Babyfoot Lake, and took
the wrong trail! So, they had to turn back and go down the correct trail. When George got too tired on the correct trail, they had to turn back again.

Early this morning, George & Mr. Mavica had a talk and decided to try again for Babyfoot Lake.

Do you think that they will make it this time? Hmmmmmm?

1PM-Back from Babyfoot Lake!
George and Mr. Mavica are back! We made it to Babyfoot Lake! Wow! A whole
mile of intense hiking-one way! Here is the sign where the trail forks. Be
sure and take the Lake trail to the right, NOT the Rim Trail to the left!!

When we got close to the Babyfoot Lake, we could barely see the water thru
the trees. We were really getting worried if we would find the lake. Then suddenly, there it was!

Below are two pics of George looking at Babyfoot Lake.

4PM-We Are Coming Down The Mountain!
It's pretty warm up here in the Siskiyou National Forest at 4,400 feet altitude.
How much warmer could it be, down in our old camp next to the lovely Illinois River?
George was thinking that he could go in for a dip in the River! Wow! Wouldn't
that be cool?

So, we are coming down the mountain!

We are camped in the same place near the bridge across the Illinois River, where
we were last Wednesday. It is 1,200 feet altitude, and a lot warmer than when we
were up on the mountain at 4,400 feet. Mr. Wave6, our catalytic heater will be
able to relax tonite!

Several campers are across the river in the campground, and all of them are
panning for gold! George went over to the campground, and went in for a swim.
The Illinois River is soooooo warm! Tiny fish came over to George to nibble on
his legs.

Supper tonite is meatloaf! We love meatloaf!


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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday Morning!
This means that George has pancakes for breakfast! And here is what breakfast
looks like on this Sunday morning!

Sunday is also the day George reviews his values, and decides on weekly goals
for achieving his values. Have you seen George's Values Page? Hmmmm?

Fifth Day In The Wilds of the Siskiyou National Forest!
That's right! Our fifth day since we have supplied MsTioga with water, food,
propane, everything! We still have plenty of water. We are shortest on fruit.
But we are still here, in the wilds! Wow!

We are breaking our Campsite, and moving a few miles to the West toward the
Kalmiopsis Wilderness. We do not know anything about this Wilderness place,
so we are exploring! Somewhere west of here is Baby Foot Lake! Hmmmmm?

We are at the Babyfoot Lake Trailhead. According to descriptions on the net,
the trail is one mile to the Lake. I am placing a MapLink below for you if
you might want to go to Babyfoot Lake. There are two cars parked at the
trailhead. Apparently this is a somewhat popular Lake!

Below is a pic of the Babyfoot Trailhead parking area. As you may see, the
huge Biscuit Fire wiped out this place!

A family with two small children parked at Babyfoot Trailhead, and took off
on the trail. Mr. Mavica said, "If they can do it, we can do it, George."
So, Mr. Mavica and George are hiking to Babyfoot Lake!

3:30PM-A Trail Too Far!
Mr. Mavica and George came to a fork in the trail, and decided to take the
"ridge route!" Wrong trail! The ridge trail doesn't go to Babyfoot Lake!
Wow! Luckily, after a few miles climbing on this steep ridge trail, they
ran into some hikers who said that this was the wrong trail!

By the time George and Mr. Mavica got back to the right trail, George was too
tired to go on. We will visit Babyfoot Lake, next year!

Twee Speaks in the Forest
When Mr. Mavica and George walked this afternoon on Babyfoot Trail, George looked
for some sign of new trees growing. A small tree, only an inch tall was spotted,
and George told the small tree, to grow hard, and make something of itself in the
dark and burned forest.

Remarkably, the tiny tree spoke back, and said, "I am only a twee now, not worthy
of the name tree." Twee went on. "When all of the burned and dead trees in this
forest are gone and decayed, maybe forty years from now, I will be a large tree.
I will not forget that you encouraged me to grow, George. I will remember about
you and Mr. Mavica and how you came to visit me! When I am a grand tree, and the
forest is green and lovely again, you George will have been long gone, and so will
MsTioga and the Team. But I will remember you forever."

Mr. Mavica and George walked on, and Mr. Mavica said, "You know something George, I
love little Twee." "I love little Twee too", said George.

In the pic above, George looks down at MsTioga at the Babyfoot Trailhead.
It is a very lovely evening!


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Saturday, August 28, 2004

7AM - Baby Foot Camp
Mr. Mavica and George took off this morning, to see what was ahead of us, down
the road. In only a short distance, we came to the road's end! This is truly,
"A road less traveled!" After breakfast, we might walk to the ridgeline west
of our camp, to see if Baby Foot Lake can be seen.

In the pic below, George and MsTioga look at the lovely early morning.

6PM - Studying Trees
We spent much of the day, studying about trees. Mr. Mavica pronounces "tree" as
"twee." We don't know why!?

Below is a pic of Baby Twee. It is only 1" high! There are many Baby Twees around
our Camp.

George wants to be able to tell one tree from another. So, the entire Team has
been studying how to do that! The going has been very slow! We still cannot tell
one twee from another twee. Below is a pic of George looking at a fallen branch
with a pine cone.

This Camp in Siskiyou National Forest is sooooo wonderful!
All we hear is the wind thru the trees. We can see for a zillion miles looking
to the east. There are at least five mountain ranges out there, all sort of
bluish looking because of the distance. Looking out of the window over the
computer workstation, we are overwhelmed with the beauty!

We have to go now! MsTioga is calling everybody for supper! Fried Chicken!

8PM-Ms.Doe Dear came to call
Just as supper was finished, guess who dropped by The Team to say hello? Yes,
Ms.Doe Dear!! She stayed for almost 45 minutes, walking around MsTioga and
eating something, maybe some little grasses that grow in the road.

For some reason, Ms. Doe Dear did not see George and Mr. Mavica taking pics. So
we kept as quiet as we could be, and moved sooooooo slowly so Ms. Dear could not
hear us.

Ms. Dear began to graze on the side opposite MsTioga's door, so George quietly
opened the screen door, and sat with his feet on the step. After awhile, Ms. Dear
came around and started grazing right in front of George. Really! Then she raised
her head, sniffed and put her little nose within a few inches of George's leg.
She must of detected something when she sniffed George so closely, because she
moved away a bit. Not running or anything. Wow!

We think that this Ms. Doe Dear, must not have had too much contact with humans, because she did not know danger when she was so close. She was the dearest deer though!

What do you think? Isn't this the greatest thing?


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Friday, August 27, 2004

It looks like it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. George peeked out of
the window and the stars were sooooooo bright! He went outside, in his pajamas
to look at the stars. Wow! Our own Milky Way was easy to see! We love it when
the starry nite is so bright like this. Looking up is overwhelming! Do you feel
the same when you see a starry nite that is sooooo bright?

Several people who we have met here along the Illinois River camping, have
told us about a possible campsite, about a mile west of the River, much higher
than where we are now. A couple came by yesterday looking for a flower that eats
meat. That's right, a carniverous flower. We are breaking camp here on the
Illinois River, and moving west to explore this high country, and see if we are
able to find this meat eating flower!

Would you believe that The Team has traveled 6 miles up this mountain, and have
ascended over 3,000 feet!! Wow! Ms. Tioga, her pistons pounding with unyielding
power, took The Team up, up into the Siskiyou National Forest to an altitude of
3,700 feet! We have made Camp alongside the road!

Our Camp looks out over the mountain with a breathtaking view toward the southeast.
Below is a pic of George taking a look at this wonderful place!

Biscuit Fire
As we drove up this mountain, we drove thru the area of the huge Biscuit Fire. The fire which must have been immense, skipped over some places and the forest remains so
beautiful. A few feet further, burned trees!

Meat Eating Flower
We must have driven right by the place where the carniverous flower grows. Maybe
we will be able to find it when we go back down the mountain?

In the pic below, George is touching up the spray paint on the molding that he
did yesterday afternoon. George says, "I have to keep up maintenance on MsTioga
because this is my home for the rest of my life!"

Some folks drove by, and suggested that we continue up the mountain. So, we did.
We are at the 4,300 foot level now, and have named this place, "Baby Foot Camp",
after a lake that is nearby. It is going to take something really big to drive
The Team off this mountain. We love it up here! And, we have enough supplies
to stay awhile! We are wondering about how BIG the stars will look tonite
with the sky soooooo clear! Man-O-Man!

Below is a pic of George and The Team at Baby Foot Camp!


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Thursday, August 26, 2004

After breakfast hike
George and Mr. Mavica were talking about taking a walk after breakfast! They are
planning to walk on the dirt road heading downstream alongside the Illinois River.
Who knows what Adventure these two will find? Hmmmmm?

Later today, MsTioga is going to work on a new web page. It looks as though it will be a day when Mr. Sunny will be able to make a lot of electricity for running Mr. Chips' computer system!

Below is a pic of the lovely view looking out of the window over our computer
workstation! Wow!

Our hike took a long time, because we met some campers and schmoozed around
for awhile!

First we went over to the Campground, across the river. In the pic below, George
looks down the campground entrance road. We want you to see that this road has
big ruts, in case you were thinking of camping here.

In order to get to the back campsites, you have to drive thru the trees.

The best campsite is far back, and here it is!

This best campsite is very close to the Illinois River and has a little ledge that
is flat for a tent. Very nice and shady too!

Next, Mr. Mavica and George went for a walk down the dirt road on the other side of the
river. This road is OK for a small trucks, but not for RVs. There is a wonderful camp
at the end of this dirt road.

George looks down at the fishing hole below the camp in the above pic. A camper
nearby told George that you could pull out 50 fish an hour from this hole. We
wonder about that!!


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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8AM - Grants Pass, Oregon
This town is surrounded by beautiful forested mountains, and is much
larger than we remember it! George has been thru Grants Pass many
times, because of his raft trips down the Rogue River.

Today's Adventure
This morning we will head south to camp along the Illinois River. MsTioga
wrote a page about when we camped on the Illinois during 2003. Would you
like to take a peek at that page?

The Team has reached our Illinois River Campsite. However, Mr. DataStorm
could not find the satellite at our last year's camp. Mr. Sunny said that
he could not get enough Sun. Mr. Chips called a Team Meeting, and a vote
was taken to set up Camp on the east side of the River. Only George voted
to keep trying on the west side. So, we moved.

Our camp is set up, and Mr. DataStorm is "on-satellite." Mr. Sunny is so
happy, because he is getting 24 amps from the Sun (and that's a lot!) Even
George has to admit, that this is a better campsite, and that the view from
his workstation window looks right down at the Illinois River.

Below is a pic of George looking across the Illinois River at last year's

Reader's Email
A reader emailed George this afternoon, asking if he got bored being a fulltimer?
"What do you do all day?", this fellow asked.

George answered that one of the things that he does and enjoys soooo much, is
cooking. Also shopping for groceries! Below is a pic of this evening's supper
with meatloaf topped with a yummy secret sauce. What do you think? Do you like
the way this supper looks? Hmmmmm? BTW, George says that he has not been bored
for even one second since he began fulltiming!


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