Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We crossed the border leaving California on April 29th, four months ago. The
California border is only 20 miles away from our Illinois River Camp! California,
here we come!

We did some grocery shopping in the Shop Smart in Cave Junction, Oregon, and are
going to eat breakfast in their parking lot. You know what's really neat? To
pull into a little town somewhere, and know where the grocery is located! We are
getting to pretty much know a lot of towns in the northwest.

Welcome to California
We are back! George and MsTioga look at the "Welcome to California" sign at the

We are in a Six Rivers National Forest Campground. Everybody wanted to camp
here, except for Mr. Sunny and Mr. DataStorm. The two said that there was not
enough Sun and the satellite could not be found in the Campground. We looked
around and found a perfect place for a Day Camp in the picnic area! Wow! So,
we are going to stay here during the day, and maybe go into the Campground when
the picnic area closes at 9PM.

Below is a pic of George and The Team in the Six Rivers National Forest Campground.

Mr. DeLorme ran up, all excited and out of breath. He had been out about the
area, just poking around in his mappy way. He told The Team that he had found
a wonderful Nite Camp, just a short distance away. So we took off to see what
Mr. DeLorme had found!

Wow! It is a nice Nite Camp! We went up County Road 316 a short distance. Patrick
Creek flows along this road, close to our campsite. Below is a pic of George & MsTioga
at Patrick Creek Camp.


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