Saturday, August 28, 2004

7AM - Baby Foot Camp
Mr. Mavica and George took off this morning, to see what was ahead of us, down
the road. In only a short distance, we came to the road's end! This is truly,
"A road less traveled!" After breakfast, we might walk to the ridgeline west
of our camp, to see if Baby Foot Lake can be seen.

In the pic below, George and MsTioga look at the lovely early morning.

6PM - Studying Trees
We spent much of the day, studying about trees. Mr. Mavica pronounces "tree" as
"twee." We don't know why!?

Below is a pic of Baby Twee. It is only 1" high! There are many Baby Twees around
our Camp.

George wants to be able to tell one tree from another. So, the entire Team has
been studying how to do that! The going has been very slow! We still cannot tell
one twee from another twee. Below is a pic of George looking at a fallen branch
with a pine cone.

This Camp in Siskiyou National Forest is sooooo wonderful!
All we hear is the wind thru the trees. We can see for a zillion miles looking
to the east. There are at least five mountain ranges out there, all sort of
bluish looking because of the distance. Looking out of the window over the
computer workstation, we are overwhelmed with the beauty!

We have to go now! MsTioga is calling everybody for supper! Fried Chicken!

8PM-Ms.Doe Dear came to call
Just as supper was finished, guess who dropped by The Team to say hello? Yes,
Ms.Doe Dear!! She stayed for almost 45 minutes, walking around MsTioga and
eating something, maybe some little grasses that grow in the road.

For some reason, Ms. Doe Dear did not see George and Mr. Mavica taking pics. So
we kept as quiet as we could be, and moved sooooooo slowly so Ms. Dear could not
hear us.

Ms. Dear began to graze on the side opposite MsTioga's door, so George quietly
opened the screen door, and sat with his feet on the step. After awhile, Ms. Dear
came around and started grazing right in front of George. Really! Then she raised
her head, sniffed and put her little nose within a few inches of George's leg.
She must of detected something when she sniffed George so closely, because she
moved away a bit. Not running or anything. Wow!

We think that this Ms. Doe Dear, must not have had too much contact with humans, because she did not know danger when she was so close. She was the dearest deer though!

What do you think? Isn't this the greatest thing?


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  1. That is awesome that you had a wild one actually get that close :).