Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8AM - Grants Pass, Oregon
This town is surrounded by beautiful forested mountains, and is much
larger than we remember it! George has been thru Grants Pass many
times, because of his raft trips down the Rogue River.

Today's Adventure
This morning we will head south to camp along the Illinois River. MsTioga
wrote a page about when we camped on the Illinois during 2003. Would you
like to take a peek at that page?

The Team has reached our Illinois River Campsite. However, Mr. DataStorm
could not find the satellite at our last year's camp. Mr. Sunny said that
he could not get enough Sun. Mr. Chips called a Team Meeting, and a vote
was taken to set up Camp on the east side of the River. Only George voted
to keep trying on the west side. So, we moved.

Our camp is set up, and Mr. DataStorm is "on-satellite." Mr. Sunny is so
happy, because he is getting 24 amps from the Sun (and that's a lot!) Even
George has to admit, that this is a better campsite, and that the view from
his workstation window looks right down at the Illinois River.

Below is a pic of George looking across the Illinois River at last year's

Reader's Email
A reader emailed George this afternoon, asking if he got bored being a fulltimer?
"What do you do all day?", this fellow asked.

George answered that one of the things that he does and enjoys soooo much, is
cooking. Also shopping for groceries! Below is a pic of this evening's supper
with meatloaf topped with a yummy secret sauce. What do you think? Do you like
the way this supper looks? Hmmmmm? BTW, George says that he has not been bored
for even one second since he began fulltiming!


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