Thursday, August 26, 2004

After breakfast hike
George and Mr. Mavica were talking about taking a walk after breakfast! They are
planning to walk on the dirt road heading downstream alongside the Illinois River.
Who knows what Adventure these two will find? Hmmmmm?

Later today, MsTioga is going to work on a new web page. It looks as though it will be a day when Mr. Sunny will be able to make a lot of electricity for running Mr. Chips' computer system!

Below is a pic of the lovely view looking out of the window over our computer
workstation! Wow!

Our hike took a long time, because we met some campers and schmoozed around
for awhile!

First we went over to the Campground, across the river. In the pic below, George
looks down the campground entrance road. We want you to see that this road has
big ruts, in case you were thinking of camping here.

In order to get to the back campsites, you have to drive thru the trees.

The best campsite is far back, and here it is!

This best campsite is very close to the Illinois River and has a little ledge that
is flat for a tent. Very nice and shady too!

Next, Mr. Mavica and George went for a walk down the dirt road on the other side of the
river. This road is OK for a small trucks, but not for RVs. There is a wonderful camp
at the end of this dirt road.

George looks down at the fishing hole below the camp in the above pic. A camper
nearby told George that you could pull out 50 fish an hour from this hole. We
wonder about that!!


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