Friday, August 27, 2004

It looks like it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. George peeked out of
the window and the stars were sooooooo bright! He went outside, in his pajamas
to look at the stars. Wow! Our own Milky Way was easy to see! We love it when
the starry nite is so bright like this. Looking up is overwhelming! Do you feel
the same when you see a starry nite that is sooooo bright?

Several people who we have met here along the Illinois River camping, have
told us about a possible campsite, about a mile west of the River, much higher
than where we are now. A couple came by yesterday looking for a flower that eats
meat. That's right, a carniverous flower. We are breaking camp here on the
Illinois River, and moving west to explore this high country, and see if we are
able to find this meat eating flower!

Would you believe that The Team has traveled 6 miles up this mountain, and have
ascended over 3,000 feet!! Wow! Ms. Tioga, her pistons pounding with unyielding
power, took The Team up, up into the Siskiyou National Forest to an altitude of
3,700 feet! We have made Camp alongside the road!

Our Camp looks out over the mountain with a breathtaking view toward the southeast.
Below is a pic of George taking a look at this wonderful place!

Biscuit Fire
As we drove up this mountain, we drove thru the area of the huge Biscuit Fire. The fire which must have been immense, skipped over some places and the forest remains so
beautiful. A few feet further, burned trees!

Meat Eating Flower
We must have driven right by the place where the carniverous flower grows. Maybe
we will be able to find it when we go back down the mountain?

In the pic below, George is touching up the spray paint on the molding that he
did yesterday afternoon. George says, "I have to keep up maintenance on MsTioga
because this is my home for the rest of my life!"

Some folks drove by, and suggested that we continue up the mountain. So, we did.
We are at the 4,300 foot level now, and have named this place, "Baby Foot Camp",
after a lake that is nearby. It is going to take something really big to drive
The Team off this mountain. We love it up here! And, we have enough supplies
to stay awhile! We are wondering about how BIG the stars will look tonite
with the sky soooooo clear! Man-O-Man!

Below is a pic of George and The Team at Baby Foot Camp!


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