Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday Morning!
This means that George has pancakes for breakfast! And here is what breakfast
looks like on this Sunday morning!

Sunday is also the day George reviews his values, and decides on weekly goals
for achieving his values. Have you seen George's Values Page? Hmmmm?

Fifth Day In The Wilds of the Siskiyou National Forest!
That's right! Our fifth day since we have supplied MsTioga with water, food,
propane, everything! We still have plenty of water. We are shortest on fruit.
But we are still here, in the wilds! Wow!

We are breaking our Campsite, and moving a few miles to the West toward the
Kalmiopsis Wilderness. We do not know anything about this Wilderness place,
so we are exploring! Somewhere west of here is Baby Foot Lake! Hmmmmm?

We are at the Babyfoot Lake Trailhead. According to descriptions on the net,
the trail is one mile to the Lake. I am placing a MapLink below for you if
you might want to go to Babyfoot Lake. There are two cars parked at the
trailhead. Apparently this is a somewhat popular Lake!

Below is a pic of the Babyfoot Trailhead parking area. As you may see, the
huge Biscuit Fire wiped out this place!

A family with two small children parked at Babyfoot Trailhead, and took off
on the trail. Mr. Mavica said, "If they can do it, we can do it, George."
So, Mr. Mavica and George are hiking to Babyfoot Lake!

3:30PM-A Trail Too Far!
Mr. Mavica and George came to a fork in the trail, and decided to take the
"ridge route!" Wrong trail! The ridge trail doesn't go to Babyfoot Lake!
Wow! Luckily, after a few miles climbing on this steep ridge trail, they
ran into some hikers who said that this was the wrong trail!

By the time George and Mr. Mavica got back to the right trail, George was too
tired to go on. We will visit Babyfoot Lake, next year!

Twee Speaks in the Forest
When Mr. Mavica and George walked this afternoon on Babyfoot Trail, George looked
for some sign of new trees growing. A small tree, only an inch tall was spotted,
and George told the small tree, to grow hard, and make something of itself in the
dark and burned forest.

Remarkably, the tiny tree spoke back, and said, "I am only a twee now, not worthy
of the name tree." Twee went on. "When all of the burned and dead trees in this
forest are gone and decayed, maybe forty years from now, I will be a large tree.
I will not forget that you encouraged me to grow, George. I will remember about
you and Mr. Mavica and how you came to visit me! When I am a grand tree, and the
forest is green and lovely again, you George will have been long gone, and so will
MsTioga and the Team. But I will remember you forever."

Mr. Mavica and George walked on, and Mr. Mavica said, "You know something George, I
love little Twee." "I love little Twee too", said George.

In the pic above, George looks down at MsTioga at the Babyfoot Trailhead.
It is a very lovely evening!


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