Sunday, August 01, 2004

Mr. DataStorm is Sorry!
There has been something wrong with our satellite connection for a few days.
Today, it became almost impossible to get online until now! Wow!

The Team is heading toward Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. It is very
hot today. We have been traveling thru dry wheat growing farmland. We
were very surprised to see a forest ahead. When we got into this forest,
we found "Fields Spring State Park." We are in the State of Washington now.
Inside this park, although it is still warm, it is not the hot and well over 100
degree temperature that it has been all afternoon. Below is a pic of our campsite.

Earlier in the day as we were heading South out of Clarkston, Mr. Mavica took
the pic below looking North past the Snake River and the Clarkston/Lewiston
cities in the distance. Look how dry all the land is here! We are so surprised
to find a forest only 30 miles South of where this pic was taken!


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