Monday, August 30, 2004

One more time for Babyfoot Lake!
Yesterday, Mr. Mavica and George tried to hike to Babyfoot Lake, and took
the wrong trail! So, they had to turn back and go down the correct trail. When George got too tired on the correct trail, they had to turn back again.

Early this morning, George & Mr. Mavica had a talk and decided to try again for Babyfoot Lake.

Do you think that they will make it this time? Hmmmmmm?

1PM-Back from Babyfoot Lake!
George and Mr. Mavica are back! We made it to Babyfoot Lake! Wow! A whole
mile of intense hiking-one way! Here is the sign where the trail forks. Be
sure and take the Lake trail to the right, NOT the Rim Trail to the left!!

When we got close to the Babyfoot Lake, we could barely see the water thru
the trees. We were really getting worried if we would find the lake. Then suddenly, there it was!

Below are two pics of George looking at Babyfoot Lake.

4PM-We Are Coming Down The Mountain!
It's pretty warm up here in the Siskiyou National Forest at 4,400 feet altitude.
How much warmer could it be, down in our old camp next to the lovely Illinois River?
George was thinking that he could go in for a dip in the River! Wow! Wouldn't
that be cool?

So, we are coming down the mountain!

We are camped in the same place near the bridge across the Illinois River, where
we were last Wednesday. It is 1,200 feet altitude, and a lot warmer than when we
were up on the mountain at 4,400 feet. Mr. Wave6, our catalytic heater will be
able to relax tonite!

Several campers are across the river in the campground, and all of them are
panning for gold! George went over to the campground, and went in for a swim.
The Illinois River is soooooo warm! Tiny fish came over to George to nibble on
his legs.

Supper tonite is meatloaf! We love meatloaf!


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