Thursday, September 30, 2004

We have to go to a tax accountant this morning. It seems that the IRS is begging us to file a return for 2002. George did not file a return for that year, because he only had Social Security income. But the IRS begged us to turn one in anyway. Guess what? It looks like the IRS owes George some money?! We want to thank the IRS for looking after our interests so well!

On The Road Again-Soon!
In a few days The Team will be on the road again! We will be heading down to Santa Cruz to visit with son Joseph (Joey!). Wow! We love that! Joey bought his first home awhile ago, and The Team has only seen pics of this home! We are pretty anxious to see Joey's home!

Santa Cruz is a lovely town on the Pacific coast, and is very popular with surfers. The Team loves to Day Camp on a bluff looking over the Ocean and watch the waves and the surfing.

11AM-Geese resting in Concord, California
Have you wondered where geese go in late summer. Here they are in Newhall Park in the town of Concord! There are over 200 geese birdies in this flock, munching on something in the grass.

No matter how many lovely places The Team finds to Day Camp, we are still overwhelmed with the wonder of being able to just pull into a lovely park and make our camp during the day! And, it is FREE!

In the pic below, George and MsTioga pose in Concord Park.

MsTioga Magazine News!
MsTioga just published a new article titled, "Cooking For Men Mostly." Lady readers are invited to read this cooking article too. This article is written mainly for guys who may not know the delights of being able to cook for themselves.

Check out MsTioga's new.... Cooking For Men Mostly!


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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We made our nite camp, last nite, in an industrial area near the Concord, California Costco store. Suprisingly, it was very quiet and peaceful! This morning we have moved just outside The Wellness Community building in Pleasant Hill. This is the same spot that we Day Camped last week, when George visited with his cancer support group friends here.

This morning will be the last meeting with "Group" until we return to this area a whole year from now in September, 2005. It is a special day for George.

The Team has made Nite Camp in the same place as yesterday. It is sort of risky Nite Camping in the same place for two nites, because camping in the same place draws attention. However, this industrial area seems OK.

This afternoon we had a very nice visit from a friend named Pete, who is the reader who tuned us on to the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Encinitas, California. Here is a link to this Temple and its spectacular garden.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

7AM - Good Morning Everybody!
This is MsTioga thanking everyone who sent me such wonderful emails and told me not to pay any attention to that reader who told me that I was a "Money Pit!" I love each and everyone of you sooooooo much! I am going to answer all of your emails. First, I have to go up to Ed's Auto Electric this morning to find out why my batteries are not charging. I am a bit nervous too!

In the pic below, George consoles nervous MsTioga just before they left for Ed's Auto Electric!

We are here at Ed's Auto Electric in Martinez, California, and MsTioga is soooooo nervous because she could not even start her engine after arriving at Ed's! Below is a pic of George looking at Mr. DataStorm rising and the nervous MsTioga waiting.

12 Noon
MsTioga is out of the shop with a rebuilt alternator! MsTioga wants you to know that, her batteries are all fully charged now, and that she is sooooooo happy!

Guess what happened just before midnite?
A roast beast popped out of MsTioga's oven! Do you want to take a peek? Hmmmm?


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Monday, September 27, 2004

George is getting ready to install the ladder supports that were shipped to us from Topline, the ladder maker. There are two of these supports to install, and then the ladder project will be finished!

MsTioga's Repairs
MsTioga has been having trouble keeping both her chassis and house batteries charged. George thinks that the problem might be MsTioga's charging system. We are all going to an electrical shop tomorrow, to have the matter checked out!

Reader Email to MsTioga
A reader wrote an email to MsTioga and told her that she was a "Money Pit" because something was always going wrong with her. This hurt MsTioga's feelings. The rest of the Team Members feel that this email was not very nice, and also unfair! MsTioga tries soooooo hard. We feel that soon, all of MsTioga's problems will be straightend out.

In addition to MsTioga having electrical problems, Miss Planty Green is having a lot of trouble too!! Miss Green's leaves are falling off. It seems as though Miss Green likes things cooler than it has been lately. Poor thing!

In the pic below, MsTioga gets her chassis battery charged!


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Sunday, September 26, 2004

We are up early shopping for groceries at the Food-4-Less! After shopping, The Team will make Breakfast Camp at Newhall Park. George wants to work on MsTioga Magazine.

Would you like to take a peek at:
MsTioga Magazine's newest article on Yellowstone National Park!


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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hi Everybody!
This is George typing at you! Today is very special! It is the day of my son David's birthday party. Many from my family will get together to celebrate.

This day is even more special, because now that I am a Vagabonder-Supreme, I only return to my hometown once each year in September! Today I get to see people that I have not seen since last Septemeber. For that, I am truly grateful!


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Friday, September 24, 2004

5AM - Learning New Stuff!
This is Mr. Chips The Team computer typing at you this morning. George would not admit it himself, but he loves his job of publishing "MsTioga Magazine." Why else would he be up trying to learn about "Cascading Style Sheets" at 5AM, if it were not for love!

George made a new look for "MsTioga Magazine" after working on it for FIVE hours! I think that he is proud of this new format.

The Team is going to the nursery this morning to buy plants for son David's front garden. We love plants! We are soooooo excited to go to the nursery!!

Also, we are going to finish the Birthday Mailbox that we started yesterday. We have soooooo much to do!!

When will we be "On The Road Again?!"
Several readers have written emails lately, asking when we will be on the road again?! We plan to be in Concord, California for about another week!


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Thursday, September 23, 2004

George has been busy working on MsTioga Magazine this morning. After breakfast, The Team is going over to son David's home. George is refinishing David's mailbox. The refinishing will be a birthday present for David who just turned 40 this week!

The entire Team watched as George began to work on the Birthday Mailbox!

Mr. Mavica snuck out with TriPod and snapped the pic below after George finished his work. The Team likes the new Bithday Mailbox look! What do you think? Hmmmmm?


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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

8AM - The Wellness Community
The Team spent part of the nite parked at George's cancer support group in Pleasant Hill, California. We plan to visit here, every year in September when we head south for the winter. You may have read in earlier posts, that George joined "group" in The Wellness Community when he was fighting cancer in 2002.

In the pic below, George stands in front of The Wellness Community.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Noon-Ladder Install Time!
George was not able to buy the ladder parts that he needed. Soooo, we adapted the top loop from MsTioga's old ladder, to our new ladder. It worked out very well! We are waiting for two ladder supports to be delivered. In the meantime, how do you like our new ladder?

In the pic below, George is holding the old squiggly smashed ladder and Mr. Mavica shows what our new ladder looks like!

Weather over the DirecWay Center!
Bad weather over the DirecWay National Operations Center (NOC) in Germantown, Maryland, may have been the reason that The Team was not able to publish our blog until late this evening!

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Monday, September 20, 2004

MsTioga's New Ladder!
George was ashamed to tell you about him smashing MsTioga's ladder when The Team was in Crater Lake's Mazama Campground. Although Mr. Mavica blurted it out in a recent blog post! Anyway, MsTioga's new ladder has arrived, minus a few parts that we need in order to install properly. This morning we will order those few parts.

In the pic below, George stands near the bashed in ladder, and is holding the new ladder. Do you see the squiggly places in the old ladder? That's where Mr. Trek broke his wheel when he was smashed into the ladder by George's accident prone way of backing up MsTioga!

1:30 PM - Les Schwab Tires in Livermore, California
The Team is heading down to Les Schwab, to have our brand new leaky tire checked out. Ever since we had this new Toyo tire put on, it has gone flat in about 5 days or so. We don't want to worry about having our new Toyo go flat, so we will have it checked out this afternoon.

MsTioga is being checked out by the people at Les Schwab Tires, and in the pic below, she is front-left tireless! Les Schwab put in a new tire stem and valve. The conclusion was, that the tire valve had a slow leak.

Doesn't it seem like MsTioga has been enduring a lot of maintenance lately? Hmmmm? Poor thing! All of The Team members are concerned!


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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mr. Trek is back - Almost!
Remember yesterday we told you that some evil-doer stole Mr. Trek? Wow! Well here is the rest of the story!!!

Mr. Trek was a gift from my son, David. Guess what?! Mr. Trek has a brother, whose name just happens to be Mr. Trek also!! David is giving Brother Mr. Trek to The Team! So, Mr. Trek has returned - Almost! Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

Mr. Dick is coming for Breakfast!
Did we ever mention, Mr. Dick? He is Mr. Dick Seibert of Martinez, California. Mr. Dick is a very close personal friend of our own Mr. Chips. We know about this friendship, because Mr. Dick has written 100s of emails directly to Mr. Chips! Wow! George is going to serve Mr. Dick one of his breakfast specialties. An omelette with cheese, onions and sausage! Yummmm!

Mr. Dick has a wonderful new Hummer, with a supercharged engine. Mr. Dick wanted to donate his Hummer to The Team for a Toad. The Team refused this generous offer because MsTioga said that she could not haul such a huge Toad as this! In the pic below, Mr. Mavica takes a pic of The Hummer, Mr. Dick and George.

Supper At David's Home!
George and Mr. Mavica went down to son David's home for BBQ supper! Yummmm! David shows his Dad how the new giant BBQ works as Mr. Mavica takes a pic.


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