Friday, September 24, 2004

5AM - Learning New Stuff!
This is Mr. Chips The Team computer typing at you this morning. George would not admit it himself, but he loves his job of publishing "MsTioga Magazine." Why else would he be up trying to learn about "Cascading Style Sheets" at 5AM, if it were not for love!

George made a new look for "MsTioga Magazine" after working on it for FIVE hours! I think that he is proud of this new format.

The Team is going to the nursery this morning to buy plants for son David's front garden. We love plants! We are soooooo excited to go to the nursery!!

Also, we are going to finish the Birthday Mailbox that we started yesterday. We have soooooo much to do!!

When will we be "On The Road Again?!"
Several readers have written emails lately, asking when we will be on the road again?! We plan to be in Concord, California for about another week!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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