Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It is too dark to take a pic of the wonderful Patrick Creek that is soooo close to
our Camp. Mr. Mavica and George are impatient for the light to come, because they
want to go out and explore and take their pics. Wow! Dawn comes so much later
as each day goes by at this time of year. Have you noticed that?

"It is so amazing", said Mr. Mavica, "that beautiful places like Patrick Creek
are there for free!"

Below is a pic of George looking downstream at Patrick Creek.

And here is a pic looking upstream. Patrick Creek has soooooo much water, and
it is September! Usually streams are low in September!

MsTioga waits patiently for George and Mr. Mavica to come back.

Hi Everybody!

This is MsTioga typing at you! We are finally leaving camp and heading
into Crescent City, about 26 miles away. George, Mr. Mavica and Mr. Chips have
been busy typing up articles for the "MsTioga Magazine." They put my name on it,
but the three of them actually do the writing. They spend too much time writing,
and not enough time exploring, don't you think? Would you please write to these guys, and tell them "enough already"?

Thank you,

6PM-Supper Camp
We have Supper Camped on the south side of Crescent City, right off the beach!
Overnite camping is not allowed here, but Supper Camping is allowed! Isn't that
great?! We will stay until dark, and then Nite Camp in an out of the way place
in Crescent City! Wow!

Below is a pic of George near the Pacific Ocean surf at low tide. We have not
been near the Ocean in months!

Supper Tonite!
Chicken enchilada, beans, rice, salad and a coke! Man! We love to cook almost
as much as we love to eat!

Tonite we want to introduce to you, the newest member of The Team. She is a
young girl named Planty Green. This afternoon we shopped at The Wal*Mart in
Crescent City, and when we went to check out, there was this little green plant
in our cart! Wow! She introduced herself as Miss Planty Green, and she said
that when we went by where she sat on a shelf, she just "jumped in" our
shopping cart!

Can you believe that?! Hmmmmm? Below is a pic of Miss Planty Green.

As George ate supper tonite, Mr. Mavica shot a pic looking out our window at
the Pacific Ocean view. This pic included the Vice President on TV! Isn't it
wonderful to be able to be eating a great supper at the Ocean while watching

We found our Nite Camp, in a commercial area of Crescent City. Although Hwy 101
is close by us, it is pretty quiet. We have found that commercial areas are safe
Nite Camps inside cities.

It got too noisy, would you believe!!? So we moved a bit to the southwest, and
found a very quiet neighborhood to finish sleeping!


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