Thursday, September 30, 2004

We have to go to a tax accountant this morning. It seems that the IRS is begging us to file a return for 2002. George did not file a return for that year, because he only had Social Security income. But the IRS begged us to turn one in anyway. Guess what? It looks like the IRS owes George some money?! We want to thank the IRS for looking after our interests so well!

On The Road Again-Soon!
In a few days The Team will be on the road again! We will be heading down to Santa Cruz to visit with son Joseph (Joey!). Wow! We love that! Joey bought his first home awhile ago, and The Team has only seen pics of this home! We are pretty anxious to see Joey's home!

Santa Cruz is a lovely town on the Pacific coast, and is very popular with surfers. The Team loves to Day Camp on a bluff looking over the Ocean and watch the waves and the surfing.

11AM-Geese resting in Concord, California
Have you wondered where geese go in late summer. Here they are in Newhall Park in the town of Concord! There are over 200 geese birdies in this flock, munching on something in the grass.

No matter how many lovely places The Team finds to Day Camp, we are still overwhelmed with the wonder of being able to just pull into a lovely park and make our camp during the day! And, it is FREE!

In the pic below, George and MsTioga pose in Concord Park.

MsTioga Magazine News!
MsTioga just published a new article titled, "Cooking For Men Mostly." Lady readers are invited to read this cooking article too. This article is written mainly for guys who may not know the delights of being able to cook for themselves.

Check out MsTioga's new.... Cooking For Men Mostly!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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